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Take Maximum Advantage of the Nigeria Car Mart Service
Everything to gain, nothing to lose!

Why worry about the regular hassles involved in getting a vehicle to buy. At the convenience of your office, home or even on your bed, you are presented with a wide variety of options, deals and offers to choose from.

The Nigeria Car Mart Service is an online repository of vehicles and trucks, used and new.

 With the major players in the Automobile Industry and Used Car Dealership competing for space in the service, we have for you, well packaged deals with a wide variety of options to pick from. You are also guided by the average cost, lowest and highest priced vehicles meeting your demand. So, clearly, you know a good deal from an over-priced offer.

With a few keystrokes and clicks, you can search for Vehicle meeting your needs. No running after dealers, no wasted phone calls, no waiting endlessly for car dealers. What's more! When you search and you cannot find what you are looking for, you have an option to place your search on the hotline. You can be sure you will be automatically contacted as soon as your search is met and an dealer has what you are looking for.

See what you are going for.

The Nigeria Car Mart Service displays most listings with picture. You can even take a tour of some of the listings online so you see clearly what you are going for.

Everyone Can Take Part! Everyone Can Be A Dealer.

To enlist is free. Simply fill out the "online application form" to provide us with necessary contact details as a dealer and that is it! You can begin listing your vehicles immediately!

To register and enlist is simple. Visit Nigeria Car Mart and click to login. You can either login as an Seller (or Dealer) or Login as an internet user. Once registered, a mail will be sent to you containing your login details. Voila!!! You are done. As simple as that.

If your are just visiting Nigeria Car Mart, you can also search for Vehicle. However, to go beyond that point an begin to contact Sellers you will need to log on or register with the service so we know who you are and how to contact you.

Welcome to the Nigeria Car Mart Service. A world of convenience with maximum efficiency.